The 411 on Digital Shower Systems

Innovation_Detail_iodigital_02_largeIf you are planning on redecorating your bathroom, you should really think about installing a digital shower system, as it is replete of features that can make your shower experience much more pleasant; therefore, it is often considered to be one of the ideal options for replacing a typical shower. It is controlled by a click of a button, with  easy installation and programming.


Top Features of Digital Shower Systems

A digital shower system has a variety of different features. First, this type of system has a programming function that allows you to program the temperature and pressure of the water. A digital shower system is remotely controlled by a small processor box. There are some of these devices that allow you to program it with different temperatures. This means that with the push of a button you can attain the perfect shower. The basic digital showers systems work in much the same way as a normal shower, but with the convenience of operation.


Go Green

Since there is water temperature control, the water coming out of it will have the right temperature from the time the shower is turned on, meaning that you will not have to wait until water reaches the desired temperature, and thus, there will be no loss of water, which is a great thing if you think that going ‘green’ is the route that we should take as a society.


Exposed and Hidden Digital Shower Systems

Typically, this type of system is exposed. This means that the water shower bar is used as a pipe. Having a digital shower exposed means you will have little difficulty in mounting it. There will be no damage to the tiles of the bathroom or walls. A hidden digital shower works the same way as a traditional shower in which the tubes are mounted behind walls and only the shower head and controls are visible. Obviously, this requires more labor to install. Finding a hidden digital shower is difficult because most manufacturers only manufacture exposed digital showers.



Installing a digital exposed shower only takes about two hours, but to install a hidden shower, it will take much longer, usually one day, and another day to repair the walls and tiled floors. Both types of digital showers must be installed by a plumber.


What Kind of Plumbing System Is Required?

It is important that the plumbing system in your house has a gravity feed system. This is because digital shower systems have pumps that are equipped for more water pressure. If you do not know what kind of pipe system you have, ask a plumber.


What Is the Price of Digital Shower Systems?

There is a wide range of pricing options for digital showers, from about $300 USD to over $2000 USD. It really depends on how much you want to spend, and the features that you are looking for. The best digital shower systems come with some special features incorporated such as a steam function, color therapy, background music (radio), temperature control, and water jets for the body.

The OrbSys Water Recycling Shower



Everybody is always looking for ways to save money. Whether you’re rich or poor, knowing how to save money can help you in a myriad of ways. One way to save money is to buy electronics and appliances that help save energy. There are always appliances out there that help you save on electricity and water. Fridges, ovens, water heaters, and even dishwashers. However what you don’t see very often, is showers that can save you a ton on water usage. Well a new shower system known as the OrbSys shower can help you do just that.
A Swedish company known as Orbital Systems has come out with a new high tech shower system that can help you save 90% of the water you would normally use in a shower system; as well as 80% of the power needed to run it. The system is known as a “Closed-loop” system, which allows you to use only 10% new water. By recycling the water already being used instead of discarding it, you are saving phenomenal amounts of water and energy, up to $1000 a year. Which is quite a lot of money to be saved, by just showering. While this may sound gross, using water that’s already been used, it’s actually just as clean as a normal shower system.
As humans, we heavily depend upon fresh water. For almost everything we do, we need water; cooking, bathing, and even just drinking water. It’s all has to be fresh water. At this point, the world is using more freshwater than is available. So we have come up with many ways to filter water, to make it clean and usable for us. Many of these filtration systems use micro filters in order to make sure the water put through is as clean as possible. Which is precisely why this new shower system could be a huge answer to our freshwater problem.
The company itself won’t release specifics about how their product works, just due to it being a trade secret. However there are plenty of things we can infer from just the description of the product. First is that it’s a “Closed-loop” system, meaning they have to filter the water. Using a larger filter for contaminants like hair and dirt. Then a much much smaller filter for nano-contaminants, particles that we can’t see with just our eyes. It then loops the water that you just used back into the tank, to be used again. While this may sound like 100% of the water is re-used, at the end of the shower cycle, the water is then released into the sewer pipes. Therefore it is still using new water for each new shower cycle. However this is still a ton of savings in the long run.
At this juncture there is no mention on cost of this shower system, but one can bet it will probably not be cheap. Though with the savings it claims to give, the cost itself may not really matter too much. As well, on an environmental scale, this really could start to help us bring our freshwater levels back up, and maybe even turn it back into the positives. Either way this innovative shower system will certainly turn the tides in how we shower in our daily lives.